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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

I’m hungry…

on December 16, 2011

Following on from the last post when Anna wasn’t eating enough, we now have the opposite problem! The steroids give her an insatiable appetite so this morning I was woken at 6.30 by a hungry Anna. She had rice crispies, toast and pasta with butter and parmesan – all before breakfast time! Yesterday was similar, with constant demands for food throughout the day. This is all in addition to the nutritional feed she has through her tube in the night. Peter said his day yesterday was up and down – up and down to the kitchen all day for food for Anna! I’m looking forward to her next weigh in – there will surely be an improvement.

Her weekly bone marrow check up showed good results – leukaemia cells are right down and good cells (red, white and platelets) up.

Steroids can also change children’s temperament – in Anna’s case it has exaggerated her assertive nature. Those of you who know Anna well will understand that she needed no help on the assertiveness front. She is absolutely clear about her demands and has no trouble expressing herself. Although this is fairly demanding for Peter and myself (we are alternating nights staying with Anna) it is really encouraging. It makes us think she must be feeling better and stronger…

Many, many thanks for all the presents arriving for Anna – she absolutely loves getting these lovely letters and parcels. Hospital days can be long, even with the routine of obs, medicines and doctor visits, so it is fantastic to have nice things to do.

Anna chose today’s photo herself – she still wasn’t very pleased about the one I put up yesterday. So I took lots today to give her a good choice.


4 responses to “I’m hungry…

  1. Courtnay says:

    Anna – assertive!!!! Good good. This is what we have been hoping for. Xxx

  2. Mary says:

    Not sure I can picture a more assertive Anna! Good to hear she’s eating, and the positive results from today’s tests,



  3. Arturo, Moira & Victoria says:

    Thats great, so pleased she feels better.


  4. Sharon Wallace says:

    Steroids do have a positive side! Glad to see her appetite is back with a vengeance! Love the photo! 🙂

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