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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Charity Fundraising: Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2012

Update 27/05/12:

Well the events have been completed and preliminary results are in:

Nathan ran 1.5km in 8min 8sec and was in 170th position

Peter ran 10km in 53m 37sec and was in 336th position

At the time of writing this update a grand total, including gift aid, of £1,341.25 was raised for our two childrens cancer charities! That’s absolutely brilliant!

If you would still like to donate then it is possible to do so for a further 3 months on the Virgin Money Giving website.

Many, many thanks to all who sponsored/donated!!



Update 10/05/12:

Just over two weeks to go and training has been progressing. I have been out running on a frequent basis and have managed to up the distance over time such that I have now completed 3 runs of just over 10km at this point, with an aim to do some more before the big day!

Nathan has also been out practising his pacing and has done very, very well!



Original post:

Peter and Nathan are hoping to raise money for two special charities, CLIC Sargent and Sick Kids Friends Foundation (specifically Ward 2), by taking part in events which are part of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2012.

We would love you to sponsor us at

We would be very grateful if you would also encourage your friends and family to consider sponsoring us as well.

Many thanks!



See the links to the above charities on the “useful web sites” page of this blog for information.

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Home Again!

Anna is now back at home after Ann Marie and I brought her home this afternoon.

She has been more like her old self over the last 3 days or so which has been very heartening and lovely to see and hear!! Long may it continue!

Of course there will be more ups and downs along the course of her ALL treatment but we will savour this moment.

Anna with piggy and new addition "sweetie" the bear, very kindly given to her by Janice in Ward 2.


What a difference a week makes

What a difference in a week! Anna is laughing uncontrollably in these pictures, having amused both herself and me!




Anna has been gradually improving since coming in so desperately ill last Wednesday. Today and yesterday she has been generally cheerful and smiling. The doctors now think that she has had both a viral and bacterial infection. Although we knew this kind of crisis was always possible, it really is unusual and Anna has been very unlucky. We knew to watch for a rise in temperature but in this case that rise didn’t come until she was also really ill.

Today she made chocolate crispie cakes and was delighted with herself. Unfortunately, she also wanted to eat them all rather than sharing with others on the ward…


Our gratitude that she is still with us is beyond words. Thank you for all your posts, messages and support –  it helps us so much to know that otheres are thinking of, and praying for,  us.


A dreadful day

I’ve been quiet on the blog for a while. Daily life with Anna is just very time consuming. And we’ve been trying to sort out lots of other practical issues to give us more support, more on that in another post…

Yesterday was a dreadful, dreadful day, one which I didn’t think Anna would survive. She went from being generally unwell on tue evening to a critical state on wed morning. She had been sick at teatime (not unusual), sick at bedtime ( not unusual) and sick during the evening (again, not unusual). During the night, she continued to be obviously uncomfortable and was sick again. But around 7am, she became unconscious and we couldn’t wake her. Her pupils were tiny, her eyes open but not seeing, she was unresponsive, floppy and finding it harder and harder to breathe. I called an ambulance and in the time it took to come we thought she had stopped breathing. The telephone operator was giving us instructions on how to open her airways when the paramedics arrived. We raced through the rush hour traffic with sirens blaring and Anna on oxygen, and went straight into the resuscitation room where Anna was hooked up to monitors. It was terrifying until they began to work out the problem. Her blood sugar level was so low it wasn’t registering, which meant she wasn’t getting the glucose fuel she required to keep her body working. That’s why she could hardly breathe. Once she was given glucose, the response was almost miraculous. She sat up, demanded milk and cornflakes and instructed all of us to feed her! I was briefly relieved but it became clear there was still an unexplained problem and since then she has had bloods taken for testing and cultures, an MRI scan, ultrasound and CT scan. No one has come to a definite conclusion about the cause but seems to be a combination of infection and neurological reaction to one specific chemo drug. I know all the doctors are talking about it, trying to solve the puzzle. Tonight, she is calm and sleeping but still on 2 hr observations until more is known. We are back in ward 2 for at least the weekend but now confident she will come through this.

Thank you to everyone who helped us through this particular crisis. And please keep praying.




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