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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.



Please leave any comments on the page below – we would love to hear from you!

am x

20 responses to “Guestbook

  1. neil says:

    Thinking about you all Christmas.

  2. Vicky Morgan says:

    Hi Anne-Marie, heard your news yesterday(via Rachael Ridley) and have just read all the ‘blogs’ so far. You are so brave and strong to be able to share this time, I admire you and Peter and Nathan too! 10 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and has just celebrated her 23rd birthday! If you ever want to chat about our experiences I would be more than happy to. Will be following your blogs, and Anna will be in our prayers, as will you all.
    Thinking of you, Vicky & Peter Morgan

  3. Gillean McCluskey says:

    hi there
    We have been thinking of you all and I would just like to add my thanks for you being so brave about sharing your ups and downs on this difficult journey. This is the first time I have genuinely appreciated that a blog can be a really good thing. As we look to Hogmanay and the New Year to come, Anna and all of you will be in our thoughts and prayers – hoping that the new year brings good news. Lots of love, Gillean, Tom and Sam

  4. Mhairi Wilson says:

    Ok Anna, you send these chicken pox packing- show them who is boss. Big hugs to you, Nathan, mum and dad.

  5. Laura says:

    I think about Anna a lot. Thanks for doing this blog – it’s a good way of keeping everyone in touch with how things are going. You, Peter and Nathan are doing an amazing job – stay strong and know that there’s a lot of people here sending their love and best wishes to you all. xx

  6. Rachael Richards says:

    Hi Ann Marie, I spoke to you on Saturday at Leadership as a friend of mine has a son with leukaemia, also 2 & diagnosed on December 1st last year. I’ve just read through the blog & what struck me most is that you are an amazing family. Anna’s gorgeous & what a fabulous brother Nathan seems! I will pass on the blog details onto my friend Arjuna if that’s ok with you? I wanted to check first. Will be thinking of you all. Stay strong & look after yourself. Rachael xx

  7. Clare Mc Auley says:

    Hallo to you all! I have been following your blog about Anna over the past month. I am amazed at everything…. Anna is being very brave. You are all experiencing so much. Anna is being prayed for by the Salesian community in Farnborough. You all have our prayers too. Love to you all, Cousin Clare

  8. Lyn says:

    Hi Anne Marie & Family,

    Have been thinking ;about you ever since hearing your news. Would love to catch up when you have time to draw breath. If I can do anything at all usefull to you guys please let me know. I hope everyday that Anna is getting better

    Lots of love

    Lyn and Benji

  9. Vikki Pearce says:

    Has been great to read the blog and hear how things are for you all. It makes me feel a little closer to you all. Wish I was closer to help in any way. You are all so strong. Mum is praying for Anna and you are all in our thoughts. Lots of love Viks, Dave, Mike and Tom xxxx

  10. Shirley Stein says:

    Hi Anna, Nathan, Ann Marie and Peter,

    Its good to see Anna’s progress on this blog, the little darling its so much to go through for a little girl. What a brave little girl though ! I have worked with Anna at Oakwell nursery, when we were still in the portacabins, in the Inbetweenies Room, dont know if you/she would remember me? We(the staff) were all devastated when we found out how unwell she was. If there is anything I could do to help please let me know. I will continue to view this blog to see how Anna is doing. Thinking of you all,

  11. Jolene Forsyth says:

    Hi, someone in our office passed me the link to your fundraising page and we did a dress down day collection for you. I have just over £100 that I need to get to you, could you email me who to send it to and who to make the cheque payable to please?

  12. Sue Fisher says:

    I’m mum to Sam age 11 who has SMA. We’re following your blog and wishing you all the very best.
    Love Sue and Sam xxx

  13. Rosemary Smith says:

    Hi. The ladies of Linlithgow Ladies Choir have raised £500 for Anna’s appeal. We are having a concert in the Burgh Halls in Linlithgow on Sunday 3rd march at 7.30 and wondered if someone could come along to be presented with the cheque. I realise that you are especially busy just now with Anna just being out of hospital. If you have a moment could you email me with your response. Thanks Rosemary Smith (Treasurer)

  14. Eileen Simpson says:

    Hope u are feeling better soon Anna. Love from the simpsons (Flora from nursery & family)

  15. Stephanie Jackman says:

    Feel absolutely awful as I had no idea your little Anna was so ill and has been ill for so long now. I hope and pray they find out what is wrong soon and a cure be found. What a great little soldier she is and my heart goes out to all of you.

  16. Margaret Brass says:

    thinking of you all , hoping Anna gets stronger with every passing day . regards Mrs Brass

  17. Sophie Dall says:

    Hello Penman family,

    I hope you remember me, it’s Sophie Dall! I seem to have lost your email address Ann Marie and I was about to send you a long email to see how things are going, as I would like to keep in touch.

    I’m glad Anna’s chair is helping her through life and I’m so proud I could be apart of that.

    All my love,

    Sophie Dall xxxxx

  18. Jen Walls says:

    Just came across your blog when looking for info on Edinburgh Sick Kids. Great to see Anna now at school, I met you both on the ward in January before Olly had bone marrow transplant in Glasgow. What an amazing little girl you have and an inspirational mummy you are. See you in edinburgh again soon (hopefully not as in patients eh!) Xxx

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