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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Weekend update

on December 19, 2011

It’s been a busy weekend. Both Grandma and Granny have been able to visit Anna over the weekend, giving me and Peter the opportunity to go out for lunch together and even do some christmas shopping – both things we thought reasonably straightforward up until 2 weeks ago. We realised we have not been together out of the hospital since Anna was admitted. Time together is limited to a quick half hour handover where we try to update each other with all activities in/out of the hospital.

Anna has been tired, grumpy (fair enough) and hungry. Blood counts (red) are in the low 80s. Normal would be up around 150 (I think) and below 80 they would immediately do a blood transfusion. A transfusion can sometimes cause a temperature increase which in turn can lead to the need for antibiotics – so not something to do unless necessary. Yesterday, the consultant (on over the weekend) decided not to do one and wait and see if she improved. However, seeing her today and how weak she was (unable to even really stand up) he immediately got bloods ordered. She is much improved this afternoon! Her blood pressure has been high so she is now on medicine for that as well. I thought these things must mean she was not doing well, but in fact it is just an illustration of how any issues are addressed very quickly to keep our little girl as well as possible. They keep telling us that she is responding well to treatment .

2 weeks in hospital. another 3 to go? Today, I met another mum who arrived on the ward on friday night to an unexpected diagnsosis of leukaemia – just like us 2 weeks ago. How quickly our lives have changed and yet how quickly we have adapted to our new reality. We have to – there is no choice.


3 responses to “Weekend update

  1. Alison Smith says:

    Helen ( in Leicester) gave me details of your blog – my little girl had ALL aged 3, and she is now absolutely amazingly fantastic! Just like gorgeous Anna will be once she has beaten this silly leukaemia. Stay strong, and stay positive – you’ll all get through it together.

  2. Mary says:

    I’m glad Anna’s picked up after the transfusion. she’s looking very elegant with her fan! It sounds really hard for all of you, hope you have had a good day today. Thinking of you and lots of love Mary xxx

  3. mandy campbell says:

    it is amazing how quickly you adapt and how quickly you bacome the support to other parents. I bet that Mum is soo glad to have you there 🙂

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