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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Anna is home

3 days of ‘aggressive physiotherapy’ (their words not mine) has done the job. The X-ray on Thursday showed that Anna’s lungs had cleared significantly and so today she has been allowed home. I’ve to continue with a physiotherapy plan at home (cough assist, huffs and bubbles) and she remains on antibiotics. She has once again come through a ‘significant event’. Thank you as always to everyone who has helped Xxxx


Good news, bad news…

The good news is that over the weekend Anna’s oxygen levels improved. She was able to come off additional oxygen on Sunday night and her respiratory rate was much better. On Monday morning she was much brighter, obviously feeling a lot better. When the doctors reviewed her in the morning it was suggested she may only need another night or two in hospital. However, after a lung x-ray later in the day the news was not so good. Her lungs were still showing a lot of infection and also what appeared to be a mucus block in the upper part of her left lung causing a section of lung to have collapsed as there was no air getting through the mucus block. All plans to come home abruptly stopped. Nebulisers and nasal suction became a part of the twice daily physiotherapy sessions. The plan is now to have another X-ray on Thursday and see how things are.

Apart from the nasal suction, which she hates, Anna is tolerating it all pretty well. The hospital teacher is coming each day and Anna has been visited by the Clown Doctors, tricky Ricky the magician, the music man and a dance group. She even let me take some pictures!

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