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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Staph epidermidis, klebseilla, paraflu and cellulitis

I’d hardly had a chance to tell you we were discharged last week before being readmitted! Anna was well enough for us to be sent home last Thursday, with daily trips into sick kids to continue her IV antibiotics. On various trips in we had to stay for platelets and units of blood.

We didn’t have to come in at all on tue (hurray!) but on wed morning Anna woke up with a small red swelling on her ankle. We came in to sick kids to have it looked at and were allowed home on the understanding we would come straight back if either it spread or Anna’s temperature went up. Both happened the next morning so we were admitted and have been back here ever since.

Anna’s blood counts have been incredibly low for the last 2 weeks, despite several units of blood and platelets. It means she is open to infection, and has proven that by developing infections from her throat down to her feet. She has had Staph epidermidis (blood infection), klebseilla (urinary tract infection), paraflu (respiratory tract) and cellulitis (bacterial infection of soft skin tissue under skin). As well as being a huge concern in terms of her ability to fight off infection, they have caused her massive discomfort and, despite codeine, a lot of pain. She is incredibly good and uncomplaining about so much of this.

Luckily, both the clown doctors and stevie the clown have been around when we were in. Anna loves them. You can see her plate spinning skills below!


She loves playing with the toys (?) on the ward…


You can tell by that cheeky grin that she is feeling a lot better.

It would be so easy to give up trying to do anything else in my life as so often we have to drop everything and move into hospital, or simply spend most of a day coming into get something checked/blood transfusions/medication. Peter has work commitments from early morning until early evening so the weekday care is down to me although we still try to alternate night time care. But I’m determined to keep as much going as possible, for the benefit of both me and the children. I went out to do my team meeting this week, did a cooking show last night, took Nathan and friends out to the cinema and lunch today (belated birthday party) and still am hoping that I will get to go to Dubai on my pampered chef incentive trip on wednesday. It’s only possible because of the huge number of people who help me with Anna and Nathan and also all the things I’m trying to do. Thank you. You have no idea of just how much it means to all if us.

Just now, Anna is getting ready to go to sleep and is happy and comfortable.

Good night from Anna and me. Xxx



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