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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Sitting up straight

on June 20, 2020

Less than 48 hours after surgery, Anna is sitting up straight in her wheelchair. It’s absolutely incredible to see the difference. Not just is she sitting in her wheelchair but she is messaging friends on her phone and doing some arts and crafts!

She’s still in intensive care and being monitored very closely, especially her breathing, although she has been allowed to take her mask off while she is in her wheelchair and it will go back on when she gets back into bed. She is still having food and fluids through a tube but has begun to take some drinks orally. Her arterial line (used to monitor her blood pressure directly) has been removed but she still has her intravenous line to administer medication and fluids as well as draw blood when needed.

I can tell she’s not particularly happy as she’s hardly smiled at all today and yesterday. She’s uncomfortable and at times sore despite a really good pain relief regime. She has a large dressing covering her wound which goes from top to bottom on her back. But she doesn’t complain (other than about the breathing mask which she hates).

The final photo is from near the beginning of lockdown so you can see the difference.

4 responses to “Sitting up straight

  1. vwhiteside says:

    What a wonderful transformation. Everything Anna is suffering is worthwhile for her future wellbeing and comfort. I’m absolutely thrilled. Hope to see Anna smiling again soon.

  2. Clare McAuley says:

    Amazing young lady…

  3. Ruth Martin says:

    Isn’t this amazing Ann Marie! So pleased all has gone/is going well. Praying Anna will start to feel more comfortable in the coming days. You are all awesome Ruthxx

  4. Joan Macleod says:

    She is such a brave girl …..looks an amazing success …..

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