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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

2 special certificates

on March 26, 2014

Anna was awarded the ‘pupil of the month’ certificate at school last week.

An achievement for any pupil, but in Anna’s case also marks the fact that she has actually completed her first full month at school.

Her second special certificate was for today’s trip to theatre at sick kids. We were here for 8am to have bloods checked, assessment by doctor/anaesthetist and then under general anaesthetic by 10am. She had a lumbar puncture and chemotherapy injected into her spine and brain fluid.

This one is so special because it’s her last one. She has now officially had her last chemotherapy dose. She’s still on daily anti fungals and weekly antivirals.

We are spending all day at sick kids because after her theatre trip, she’s having her 4 hour pomidronate infusion (to strengthen her bones). She currently has no fractures and seems really well.

2 different but both very significant events. I might have a small celebration tonight!
Well done, Anna.

7 responses to “2 special certificates

  1. Rachael Ridley says:

    So delighted to see both these special recognition markers for Anna. Well Done – and yes you also deserve to celebrate AM xx

  2. Bobbie Ramsay. (Friend of Veronica) says:

    Lovely news. Hope that glass of wine goes down a treat!

  3. Veronica Whiteside says:

    Well done Anna, the beginning of your school achievements; and, at last, the real final day of your course of treatment for leukaemia.
    Enjoy your celebration this evening Ann Marie.

  4. Ruth Martin says:

    Well done Anna and Ann Marie! What a lovely post. Thinking of you loads and continuing to pray. Lots of love Ruthxx

  5. Vikki Pearce says:

    Great news! A full month at school and last chemo. Enjoy the glass of wine. I think you deserve the bottle!!! Lots of love Viks xxx

  6. Joan Blue (friend of Veronica). says:

    Congratulations to you Anna. You will have to get your certificate on the wall of your room. And congratulations to you Ann Marie for what you are helping Anna to achieve. Never mind the glass – go for the bottle!

  7. Gilean says:

    your other friends here have said it all Ann Marie. Let me just echo their cheers. A ‘double’ to be so proud of!

    Much love Gillean and Tom

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