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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

… And a fractured ankle…

on October 29, 2013

Anna’s shingles are not too severe and she is recovering well. However, the treatment for it (IV aciclovir) is causing her extreme nausea and fairly frequent vomiting. She feels absolutely rubbish.

Her right leg has looked a bit odd and I asked the physios and doctors to check it. She had it x-rayed and it is fractured too. Just like her wrist, it has happened at least a couple of weeks ago and is now already healing. It is slightly displaced but fortunately should become straight as she grows and the bone develops. Her muscle looks like it is starting to waste which is a serious concern. Physio are coming back tomorrow to review it.

Her blood results have dropped today and she’s had a blood transfusion this evening. She is still getting massive amounts of IV fluids (electrolytes). We’ve tried to give her usual feed over the last few nights but she is simply not tolerating it at all. These are all her tubes and bags hung up, attached to either her NG tube or port a cath (direct into her bloodstream).


Although she is appearing quite well in herself (apart from feeling so sick all the time), there are lots of things happening. None of it is enough to cause serious concern at the moment but as usual we’re watching very carefully. Luckily she’s had auntie Clare and granny here at various times today to keep her amused and distracted.

Just now, she is coughing, has just vomited and is waiting for her next dose of aciclovir along with antiemetics. She can’t get comfortable and feels so nauseous that we’ve asked the doctor to look at her. Her stomach is severely distended. I’m hoping that both Anna and I have a good nights sleep but I think it’s extremely unlikely.


9 responses to “… And a fractured ankle…

  1. Rachael Ridley says:

    Thinking of you both, hoping the night does bring some much needed comfort and sleep. Love and hugs xxx

  2. Vikkipearce Pearce says:

    So sorry to hear the news. Sending all our love. I hope Anna feels better soon and is able to go home. Lots of love Viks xxx

  3. Helen & Paul says:

    There is nothing worse than feeling sick all the time. We are sorry to hear about Anna’s ankle and muscles. We hope the physio can do some good and that you can get some sleep soon. We are thinking of you both. Hx

  4. Bobbie Ramsay. (Friend of Veronica) says:

    What can one say? I feel for you all.

  5. Joan Blue (friend of Veronica). says:

    I wish I could send you and Anna some of my strength. Thinking of you both and hoping she will soon be feeling a bit better.

  6. Jane Hurworth says:

    Poor Anna she has so much to contend with I hope she starts to feel better really soon lots of love from Cousin Jane

  7. Anne Mawer says:

    All our thoughts are with you Anna and Anne-Marie. I hope you feel better soon. Xx

  8. Mary Meg Wilson says:

    The brave wee soul….Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Anna.

  9. Gilean says:

    Thinking of you and hoping with all my heart that things are a bit easier by the time you read this . Lots and lots of love to you all,

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