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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Happy birthday, Anna

on June 27, 2013

Anna is five years old today. She’s enjoying her presents – princesses, sparkles, fairies,…

There’s been a few times in the last year when we weren’t sure we would make it to today – so we’re very, very grateful.

7 responses to “Happy birthday, Anna

  1. Linda Simpson says:

    Have a wonderful birthday Anna ! x

  2. Sophie Dall says:

    Hope all are well! Much love Ann Marie, Love Sophie xx Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 12:50:52 +0000 To:

  3. Tracey Waddell says:

    Happy birthday – from David Waddell (blue group at Bonnytoun) X

  4. Jane Hurworth says:

    Happy Birthday Anna I hope you have a wonderful day full of sparkle

  5. Joan Blue (friend of Veronica). says:

    The more you sparkle Anna, the more the fairies in Fairyland will dance around and shout with glee because Anna is sparkling!

  6. Anne Mawer says:

    Happy birthday Anna!

  7. Vikki Pearce says:

    Happy Birthday Anna. Love to you all. Viks, Dave, Mike and Tom

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