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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.


on June 23, 2013

We try and keep life as normal as possible for Nathan when Anna is ill and/or in hospital even though our family life feels anything but normal.

He still enjoys going to school (often having to be dropped off before/after school at friends houses), goes to his activities (again thanks to friends) and spends time with granny every week.

He knows and understands Anna is ill, and needs lots of looking after, but it matters to me that he knows he is just as important and loved, cared for and well looked after. And I don’t want him ever to think that he has missed out on things because of Anna being ill.

It is so lovely seeing the two of them together. Whenever Anna has any treatment at hospital, and gets stickers or toys, she always ask for one for Nathan as well. Nathan is just so good at looking after Anna. Although he did mention on radio lollipop (see below) that she shouts a lot… true!

In the last fortnight, these are some of the things he has been enjoying…

Green belt grading at tae kwon do

20130623-224511.jpg , Bike racing at the Linlithgow ‘velodrome’


Taking part in Linlithgow gala day

20130623-224955.jpg And being on radio lollipop!

Nathan – you are just wonderful!

7 responses to “Nathan

  1. Veronica Whiteside says:

    Well done Nathan.

  2. Eileen simpson says:

    What a fab big brother!! Xx

  3. Linda Simpson says:

    You certainly are wonderful Nathan ! You are just the best big brother. It was lovely to see the new photos of you doing so well at so many different activities. I hope you have a nice holiday from school! from Mrs.Simpson

  4. Joan Blue (friend of Veronica). says:

    I knew he wouldn’t be left out! Your family is just wonderful – and congratulations to Nathan – the best big brother ever! (And his Mum is doing rather well too!).

  5. Mary says:

    Great stuff Nathan! and I like your wheels – very smart,

    Mary x

  6. Hazel Marwick says:

    What a star you are Nathan xx

  7. Fiona Unwin says:

    Go Nathen well done x

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