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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Nil by mouth

on June 21, 2013

Anna’s been nil by mouth for 48 hours. Her stomach was so swollen on Tuesday that she was sent for a scan, and then an x-ray, which showed possible inflammation of the gut. Granny was with her at that point, and when I arrived there appeared to be a whole surgical team in reviewing her, ready to intervene if her condition became worse (ie ruptured gut).

From Tuesday teatime until Thursday teatime she was allowed nothing more than the occasional sip of water. She was very good about it, considering she must have been absolutely starving. Of course, as soon as the surgeons left, her stomach reduced and she was on really good form for the rest of the evening.

After they reviewed her last night, they said she wasn’t yet ready to eat anything she wanted but could have fruit ice lollies. Anna was delighted!

Her skin is continuing to heal, her liver function is slowly improving, her blood counts are better and her temperature has stayed below 38°C. However, she is still not right and is not going home for a little while yet. And until the surgical team say that Anna can eat anything else , she will be having ice lollies!


6 responses to “Nil by mouth

  1. Jane says:

    Reading your posts, nothing I can say can help. Other than to let you know, I am thinking of you all. Sending much love and all my healing vibes. Xxx Jane Wilson

  2. Great aunt Rosemary says:

    Keep up the prayers for this poorly wee girl. After doing well with hrt new wheelchair she is now back in petal please keep up the prayers. Ps I am recovering well and should be home sun or mon

  3. Eileen simpson says:

    So lovely to see your girl smile… Much love, Eileen Simpson x

  4. Clare( Ann Marie's sister ) says:

    She is looking SO much better. So pink and smiley. Thank goodness
    About the ice lollies. Have you considered what that will do to her teeth!

  5. Fiona Unwin says:

    Lovely to see her smile despite everthing ! Love to you all xx

  6. Hazel Marwick says:

    xxxxx’s and hugs to you all.

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