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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.


on June 10, 2013

Anna was readmitted to Sick kids this morning. Over the past three weeks she has developed increasingly sore and painful red, blistering, peeling raw skin on her hands and, over this weekend, on her face. As well as this, she has had extremely painful blisters and ulcers on the outside and inside of her mouth and on the tip of her tongue. Not surprisingly she has been in extreme discomfort and pain but we have tried to carry on with normal life as much as possible. At least being at nursery or out with me and Nathan temporarily takes her mind off it.

I’ve brought her in three times to be swabbed and reviewed – each time results have come back negative. She’s had three cycles of anti-virals (acyclovir) and one course of antibiotics. And I’ve been in regular contact with Ward 2. Finally this morning, I felt it was getting worse rather than better and I wasn’t managing to keep her comfortable. So we came in.

As is often the case with Anna, it is a mystery. After being admitted this morning, she was referred straight to dermatology and was seen this afternoon. Another new hospital department now involved with Anna!

The consultants here in oncology and now also in dermatology have various views. Most likely, it is a reaction to a drug, reaction to sun light or a combination of both. There was a suggestion of Stevens – Johnson syndrome but fortunately (having googled it) they seem to have decided against this.

Voriconazole, her anti-fungal treatment, can cause extreme skin & sun sensitivity. Septrin, her Monday and Tuesday antibiotic, to protect against a particular lung infection, can cause the kind of blistering and peeling response her skin is showing. She may have had cold sores and the skin condition is separate.

So, to cover all of the above, her septrin and voriconazole have been stopped. She is to have factor 50 sun cream on at least twice a day ( even in bed) and try and be covered at all times. Sunlight through a window, or even sitting in a bright sunny room can be enough to cause the reaction. We will stay in hospital until she starts to show some sign of improvement – at least until the end of the week, I think.

This is Anna when we first came in today…


And then after dermatology visit…

And then at bedtime…


The pictures show how bad her face is, even when covered in factor 50 cream in bed. Her hands are worse. She is half asleep just now but keeps waking, despite good doses of pain relief. I don’t anticipate a good nights sleep but know we are in the best place.

11 responses to “Dermatology

  1. Mandy campbell says:

    What a wee shame hope she gets better soon πŸ™‚ dont know if it helps but my sister has articaria ( dont quote on the spelling ) on her legs but after radiotherapy it is now on her arms and hands roo so she has to really cover up in the sun so may be that.

  2. Laura Strabg says:

    Poor Anna and poor you ….big hugs AM ….you never complain and all I ever do is moan …forgive me!

  3. Rachael Ridley says:

    Oh it truly must be so heartbreaking to see gorgeous little Anna in pain like this… I know it’s painful for me as far removed as I am. I really do feel for you all. Lets hope the night passes quickly for you both and the morning brings some relief and across the week any improvements continue. Take care and thinking of Anna and yourself lots xxx

  4. Eileen Simpson says:

    Thinking of you Anna. And you Anne Marie. Love Eileen Simpson, Flora’s mum xxx

  5. carol harrison says:

    Oh Anna sweetheart hope this clears up soon. I am sending you a huge great big massive hug. Thinking of you AM. X x x

  6. Mary says:

    Ouch, that looks sore. Hope the doctors can work out what it is and stop it really soon, lots of love to all of you and very gentle hugs to Anna,

    Mary, Mads, Katrine and Lotte xxx

  7. Vikki Pearce says:

    So sorry to hear Anna is back in hospital. Hope she is better soon and you are able to take her home and find a way to enjoy the sunshine with her this summer. LOL Viks xxx

  8. Kirsty Baker says:

    Sending you both love and hoping that this passes as quickly as it came on. Kirsty x

  9. Helen & Paul says:

    So sorry that Anna has yet another thing to contend with. We hope she and you get some relief soon.

    Helen, Paul, Andrew & Ruthie x

  10. Joan Blue (friend of Veronica). says:

    Poor wee lamb.

  11. Anne Mawer says:

    Oh Anne-Marie ….
    Anna’s photos are heart breaking. I hope she finds some comfort soon and gets better to put a smile on her lovely face.
    Thinking of you dearly.
    Anne, David and the girls x

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