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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Still sick

on February 17, 2013

Anna is still in sick kids and feeling thoroughly miserable. After being admitted through A&E on fri night, she was put on ward 4 (not the oncology ward) as the hospital was so busy. Peter stayed that night and then I took over yesterday. She was moved to ward 2, where we always feel much more comfortable as they know Anna so well (although we are spending so much time on other wards other staff are getting to know Anna!).

Her temp has been below 38 degrees for 24 hours. The pain from her fractured femur is being effectively managed by morphine and she seems more comfortable but she is still being sick. She is having intravenous fluids through her portacath, and continuing to have her daily chemotherapy dose of mercaptopurine, as well as voriconazole for the previous fungal infection. Her stomach is very bloated and has been for a while now. It could be constipation from the variety of drugs so she is having laxatives. She has started vitamin d supplement and will also now have omeprozole to counter any stomach acid problems.

All Anna can think about is her next meal. She has been asking what will be for tea since 10am.

Nathan had a lovely afternoon at Neil and Courtnay’s fundraising talent show (thanks everyone for a superb effort!!!) and was then picked up by Peter when he returned from the hospital. Nathan knows the routine when Anna is in hospital. He enjoys getting to choose a sandwich and drink from M&S and eat it in the Anna’s cubicle during handovers.

Weekends in the hospital are much easier to manage than weekdays, when Nathan has to be got to and from school as well as someone being in the hospital with Anna during the day. Hopefully this won’t be a long stay…


7 responses to “Still sick

  1. Helen & Paul says:

    So sorry Anna is feeling so unwell. Being sick is horrible. x

  2. Veronica Whiteside says:

    Hope Anna’s tummy settles down and she soon feels much better.

  3. Tracy Curle says:

    Hoping Anna will be feeling better again soon. So unfair. Sending big hugs. x

  4. Mose says:

    “Still sick anna’s blog” in fact got me hooked with your blog! I reallywill wind up being back significantly more often. With thanks -Melanie

  5. Lynne says:

    I hope that the bug passes soon. It sounds like she is being well looked after. Look after yourself too xxx

  6. Gilean says:

    Dear Anna
    I hope your tummy gets better really really soon. We will keep you in our thoughts at night.
    lots of love Gillean, Tom and Sam.
    PS lots of love to Nathan too!

  7. Eileen Simpson says:

    Dear Anna
    Really hope you are feeling better soon
    lots of love
    Flora(from nursery) Lachlan, Eileen and Willie xxxxx

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