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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

First weekend back home

on January 22, 2012

Anna’s chemotherapy via a lumbar puncture went well on Wednesday. We had to wait until around 11.15am before it was Anna’s turn on the theatre list. Once Anna came round from the procedure we had to ensure everything was fine before we left, so didn’t get home until late afternoon.

It was the first weekend back home for Anna since early December. I held the fort as Ann Marie travelled to a Pampered Chef Conference in Birmingham early Friday morning and returned home on Sunday afternoon (There were a number of texts Friday morning/afternoon from Ann Marie enquiring if everything was ok!).

Gran picked Nathan up from school on Friday lunchtime for normal weekly Nathan: Gran time, but he also stayed the night at Gran’s as a treat!

Anna’s NG tube came away from the dressing on her cheek late Friday so that necessitated a call to RHSC Edinburgh, Ward 2 to arrange to go in on Saturday morning to have a new dressing applied to replace my “patch up”! Everything went smoothly and a quick checkup of her chest by Dr Wallace also showed everything in order.

The positioning of her NG tube was also quickly checked as she has been sick a couple of times lately when a water bolus has been given through it, and she has been exhibiting general distress when medicines have been passed through the tube. This may be due to a slight irritation of the throat caused by the tube as the positioning was fine.

Later on Saturday, Anna and I visited Gran’s to collect Nathan, and also Auntie Maureen was able to see Anna for the first time since her diagnosis with ALL. We stayed for tea which was very nice!

Sunday – easy day at home. Ann Marie returned home in the afternoon (we all collected her from the airport), and later on today Ann Marie and Nathan will be travelling to Edinburgh to meet and have a meal with some of her family [Grandma, Heather, Clare (plus her sons Zak and Ben), Mary (plus her daugthers Katrina and Lotte)(who are visiting from Cambridge) and Jamie]. I will be staying at home with Anna, as she cannot be in a busy public location at present in case of contagion which would be potentiially life threatening for her.

Anna remains very, very weak but since she came home we have been delighted to see her smiling, laughing and generally interacting a lot more than of late. She finds standing impossible without help so we will have to concentrate on helping to get her leg muscles working again.


5 responses to “First weekend back home

  1. clare beck says:

    Good to see Anna looking happier. I am very impressed at you doing the whole weekend so successfully on your own! Well done. Clare

  2. Sue says:

    Wow what a busy weekend by anyones standards…..well done Anna. What a lovely photo too xx

  3. Lesley Holland says:

    Thank you for making it possible for Ann Marie to spend the weekend with her fellow Pampered Cheffers. She is an inspiration to so many of us, and it was lovely to see her there. So pleased to read that Anna is doing well – you are all still very much in our thoughts and prayers. Lesley x

  4. Jane Hurworth says:

    So pleased to hear that Anna is doing well, I bet you are all over the moon to have her home.
    Cousin Jane

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