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Our beautiful, gorgeous little girl, Anna, has leukaemia. She was diagnosed on Monday 5 December 2011.

Back in hospital

on January 2, 2012

Monday blood counts:
Haemoglobin 130
Platelets 122
Neutrophils 2.38

I knew we would be back but I didn’t think it would be so soon! After Hogmanay and New Year’s day at home, we came in to get Anna’s blood count done. Her counts looked so good (neutrophils well above 1) we were thinking of going out for tea. However, a small rash on her front and back meant a 2 hour wait for a doctor and then the news that it could be shingles and Anna would need to be admitted. I had half heartedly packed a small (and inadequate) overnight bag for her and me, not really thinking we would have to stay. I’ll be making sure in the future that we always travel to the hospital with everything we could possibly need!

Anna is on intravenous antibiotics treatment for chickenpox and shingles. Whether she has them or not, they treat quickly to reduce risk.

We are on ward 4 in a cubicle because of the risks of shingles. It does feel different from ward 2. There are different rules for parents – no hot drinks allowed here at all, no access to the kitchen (they may change their mind once I start buzzing Anna’s frequent nighttime food requests through). There were a few room issues – no light bulbs in the bedside lamps (now sorted), no working tv (quickly sorted) although apparently we may lose the picture due to lack of signal.

However, as in ward 2, all the staff are kind, caring and looking after Anna well. She is fast asleep with various drips running, I’ve put her medicines through her ng tube and am settling down to sleep. Looks like we will be here for a few days.



9 responses to “Back in hospital

  1. Veronica Whiteside says:

    Well done Ann Marie. I repeat; you are all doing wonderfully well.

  2. Allain McLeish says:

    Oh Ann Marie ~ you are such an inspiration. You do not complain ~ you just get on with everything. Fingers crossed that tomorrow it might not turn out to be shingles or chickenpox. Sending you all hugs. Allain xxx

  3. Rachael says:

    Hello all, i ditto Allains comments and hope that Annas symptoms and counts improve quickly across the day. Continue to be thinking about you all. Xxx

  4. clare ( one of Ann Marie's 3 sisters) says:

    two steps forward one backwards but you are going in the right direction You are doing a great job! lots of love clare

  5. Yvonne McNeill says:

    Great news Ann Marie that Anna got home for a wee while. A shame that she has this rash and hopefully it clears soon. Agree with clare (your sister) – your heading in right direction. There is only one way forward.
    Love to you, Peter, super dooper big brother Nathan and of course Anna, wee angel is being so brave. Love to all your family (grandparents, aunties, etc) as this unfortunately affects so many loved ones.

  6. catadioptric7 says:

    Dear Ann Marie

    Anna is a very brave little and we are all very impatient to see her recovered .. probably sooner than it is possible


    Anne, David, Charlotte and Louise

  7. Mary says:

    I hope the antibiotics are helping Anna feel better. Glad you managed to have New Years at home together and lots of love to you all. Big hugs and kisses to Anna and Nathan, Mary xxx

  8. Tracy says:

    Oh Ann Marie! Sorry you’re both back staying at the hospital again quite so soon. Let’s hope the medication works quickly to get her better and you all home again soon. Marvellous that you had some time at home together at New Year. You are all in my prayers. Tracy x

  9. mandy campbell says:

    so sorry to hear hope anna is doing better . If it helps pineapple has a natural enzyme which fights the chickenpox virus so eating and drinking it helps 🙂

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